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Deal Fails To Stick Kelowna

Each week, the Financial Post revisits CBC previous week episode of Dragons Den. We capture what the cameras didn and in the process provide a case study for readers, zeroing in on what pitchers and dragons were thinking and what the challenges for the deal are going forward.

The pitch James Krane of Milton, Ont., was a Subway sandwich franchisee when an associate introduced him to an inventor from Phoenix, Ariz. The meeting led to the launch of Safety in Motion, Canadian distributor for Insect Defend Patch, a Vitamin B1 trans dermal patch that protects against mosquito bites.

"That was four years ago," Mr. Krane says, adding it took about two years "Oxandrolone Powder India" of testing to Deca Durabolin And Test Cypionate Cycle get it to the point where Health Canada would allow him to sell it.

Until now, the Vitamin B1 patch was sold under a number of monikers in 14 countries but not Canada. "Yes, we got lots of mosquitoes up here," says Mr. Krane, "but from a global standpoint, Canada is a five month market and the process to get it through Health Canada was huge.

"We found it, tried it and thought it works. It is all natural, 100% DEET free, safe for children under the age of one, and lasts for up to 36 hours. Plus, it perspiration activated, so the more you sweat, the more it works."

Vitamin B1 is Buy Cheap Jintropin Online absorbed into the blood stream and comes out your pores as you perspire. "We had "Oxandrolone Powder India" hundreds of testimonials that it also works for blackflies, deer flies, horseflies, sand flies the hotter the climate the better it works," Mr. Krane says.

"If you are not sweating, it still increases the time it takes to bite by 640% consistently, which means at the very least the patch gives you a chance to defend yourself."

Mr. Krane says users include forest fire fighters with the Ministry of Natural Anavar Anabolic Rating Resources out of Sudbury. When he made his appearance on the Den, it was already available in Home Hardware and Levitt Safety Supply. "We are going to build the business model here and we are going to try and expand it around the world," says Mr. Krane, who has rights to sell Insect Defend in the Bahamas, and is working on markets in Europe and Asia.

His goal is to make Insect Defend the first line of defence in insect protection. "Health Canada says don use DEET every day because they don know what the long term effects will be. What do you do if you live or work somewhere where you need protection every day? And 10% of the population does.

"That number can go up to 100% of the population if there was ever a perceived pandemic from vector borne diseases. For example, if West Nile Virus turned into a pandemic. In the developing world, a child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria." Which brings Mr. Krane to another of his goals: to take a portion of profits to create The Insect Defend Foundation 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron and donate patches to people in developing countries. The Deca Durabolin Subcutaneous deal "The "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" smallest product brings the biggest deal in Dragons Den history." That was the opening line delivered by Ron Whittick, a distributor of Insect Defend. Mr. Brett Wilson and Jim Treliving adjusted the terms, offering $500,000 in cash and a 5% royalty on gross sales for 30 years.

Mr. Whittick bold premonition proved out at least on camera. The deal did not make it through due diligence. partners could not come to agreement on the terms," Mr. Krane says. "Still, we walked away grand prize winners on the Den. It every pitcher ultimate fantasy. I feel like I won the lottery."

He may have done. "Insect Defend will be hitting store shelves in Home Hardware, Walmart, Loblaws pharmacies, Zellers pharmacies, Rexall, PharmaPlus, Metro Ontario pharmacies, Giant Tiger and the list is growing every day," says Mr. Krane, who has purchase orders for two million patches.

A dragon view "I like the business model and I like the product," Mr. Wilson says. "It a simple solution and simplicity will always be preferred over something more complex, in this case, having to put on creams and sprays. But I needed to understand the people better and during due diligence they did not make the financials, operating information, forecasts available. This is not uncommon. Many private companies do not have the same reporting expectations as public companies. Still, they did not provide the information we needed to go forward."

An expert opinion By landing retailers big retailers, Mr. Krane has passed the tough part, says Chris Van Staveren, partner, transaction service, KPMG Enterprise Services. "Now, it about product placement and making sure he has planned appropriately.

"The challenge is getting pull through sales and that comes down to getting great product placement with these retailers. He wants to get the consumers attention, which will allow him to grow the topline of the company. A good display in Walmart is probably more effective than a radio or TV ad.

"He also has to make sure he has the internal systems and processes to handle the kind of growth he is anticipating. Think accounting, tracking, supply chain. If he is planning to enter new geographies, he will have to make sure he has the ability to manage the business in multiple locations."