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Day 2 of testimony wraps up in Ken Bluew murder trial

SAGINAW, MI (WNEM) Opening statements were heard Tuesday at the Saginaw County Courthouse with officers taking the stand to testify on Wednesday. Bluew is charged with first degree murder in connection to the death of Jenny Webb, a pregnant woman who was found strangled to death near a police shooting range last August.The prosecution says the baby boy Webb was eight months pregnant with was Bluew Anavar For Sale Philippines child.TV5 Liz Gelardi tweeted Tuesday that during opening statements, prosecutors said Bluew didn want to pay child support, didn want his wife to know about the situation and he didn want a baby.First up on buy cheap jintropin online the stand Wednesday morning was Buena Vista Township police officer Tim Patterson, who was also questioned Tuesday. Patterson was on duty with Bluew the night Webb body was discovered.Prosecutor Mike Thomas conducted the questioning and the topic of Webb cell phone was brought up again. Patterson said Sgt. Waterman, who was with Bluew at the scene of the crime on Aug. 30, 2011, recognized Bluew phone number in Webb phone. Patterson said that when Bluew was asked why he called Webb, he replied that the two talked from time to time.Patterson testified that he felt very uneasy about the call logs in Webb phone showing communication with Bluew the night of her death. It was revealed in court that Bluew took all of the crime scene photos. Thomas showed several "exhibits" of crime scene photos to the jury, all take by Bluew. Gelardi reported that some of the pictures show Webb tied to the roof of her car. Webb was found with an extension cord around her neck, which was tied to the roof rack of her SUV, appearing as if she hung herself.Patterson said on the stand that Bluew was the one who found the suicide note at the scene. Patterson says Bluew was not wearing gloves when he handled the note, "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" while he himself did have gloves on.Gelardi tweeted that evidence contamination could be key in the trial, and that Bluew attorney can argue that his DNA showed up because he investigated the scene. Gelardi said that Webb body was moved from the scene before police realized her death might not be a suicide.Patterson testified that he saw Bluew walk out of the police department with a laundry bag. He said officers usually leave bags at the department for dry cleaning. Patterson said he filed two police reports on Anavar 25mg A Day Webb death. One Deca Durabolin Blood Pressure as a suicide and another "buy cheap jintropin online" that was password protected noting the "red flags." Patterson said he didn want Bluew to see it. Gelardi reported that the defense seized on this fact and Bivirkninger attacked Patterson, stating that Bluew had followed proper proceedure and did everything he was 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron asked to do.